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Server Upgrade

Well, after starting at 9:00pm on Friday night, installing two new hard drives, a new video card, a new processor, and an IDE controller card, ASKER.NET is running again. It is now running a RAID system (in case of hard drive failure, data should remain intact). The video card that was causing problems has now been removed and with the new CPU upgrade (100 to 166) ASKER.NET should run a lot faster too! It took me 3 hours to do all that, and hopefully you will notice the change 😉

AI Software Agent…

“Well, I have finished the implementation of my artificial intelligence project. I implemented an agent that walks around a world, sharpens knives, and talks to people. For assignment #2 I designed what I thought I might Implement. Assignment #3 I actually implemented him. If you want to know more, you can check out

Updated IP…

Well, Micronet was asked by it’s Internet provider to change IP addresses today, which means I had to change the IP for ASKER.NET and So, after a few phone calls, and a few modifications, The roll over happened at about 11:40 today, and total downtime depended on when your own DNS server updated. I would estimate that it was down for a minimum of about 1 minute, and a maximum of about 1 hour. Mail started coming in right away, so there was no mail lost. Everything seemed to go really smooth 😉

Updated POP3 Server

“After trying a new pop3 (email) server with some difficulties, I found another one. I now have tpop3d installed. This pop server has code in it to defeat the “”DO NOT DELETE”” message and some other features I may implement. That is for IMAP (another email server) users only. This should not affect webmail, or IMAP users. It should provide better support for POP3 users.”

Escape from Monkey Island

Well, after hours of playing monkey island this week, i finally passed the game! It is definately a fun game. For those of you who haven’t played it, i won’t spoil it for you. However, monkey combat was rather interesting, and so was how you defeat the game.

Re-Programmed ASKER.NET

I took the time to re-program this web page, so that it is now all located in one file. It makes it simple to update. I also updated the server information section and the NDSU resources file. Check it out!


“I received a 486DX4/100 from my uncle this past weekend. I proceeded to turn the computer into a FreeBSD Server. It is now running at I would like to use it to learn more UNIX types and run a print server”

Date on Posts

As you probably already noticed, there is some extra text next to each heading. Since, I am learning this as I go, I finally decided to add a date and time to these posts. However, since I do not know the previous times and dates, I am not going to take the time to fabricate them. I am merely going to leave them as blank.