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And this is my prayer

In March, I attended a fund raising symposium with 108 people from thirty eight ministries. The intent for me to go was to learn how to be a regional fund development coach for other staff raising their budgets. My biggest take home however, was a conviction about my own fund development. Read more

A Vision to see God move

I am excited about what God could do during the course of this coming semester.  There is anticipation in the air.  Students are getting passionate about prayer. gaminator facebook  I met with a series of students today.  Two separate students, with two separate visions.  Both involve prayer.  In Christianity it seems we talk more about prayer than we actually pray but in this case they both are serious.

The vision began at a leaders meeting last fall.  The question, “What if,” was asked.  What if we prayed every day?  What if God showed up this year?  What if we got serious about helping our friends with their problems.  What if we started caring for others needs ahead of our own? What if we hosted a Friday night party every week as an alternative night?  What if it was the happening place to be?  Two different students.  Two different visions.  Both involve prayer.   Read more