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Christmas 2007

Sandi and I traveled to Brainerd for our last Christmas without children. Friday through Monday we had a great time with the whole family home. Playing games and exchanging gifts. Sandi and I received a surprise gift from my brother and sister and their spouses when we arrived on Friday night. A new video camera to keep everyone updated about our child. So I spent the weekend video taping various events and editing a summary video.

Visiting Wheaton and Chicago

In June of 2007 we traveled to Wheaton IL to work on Sandi’s masters program. We both took a class on church planting and Sandi took a class on CS Lewis. She loved it! On Saturday afternoon we took a day trip to Chicago to see the city. It was a lot of fun, but a bit too short.

DC and VA Vacation

Sandi and I traveled out to DC for a week to see her niece get married in Blacksburg Virginia. While there, we had a chance to see the Virginia Tech memorial. Then we spent a week in Washington DC. We saw the White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, the Spy Museum.

Itasca State Park

We took 30 students from Bemidji State to Itasca State Park on Saturday. We had a lot of fun. We saw the headwaters, the largest white pine and red pine in Itasca and finished by visiting the observation tower.

Boundary Waters

I guess it has been a while since we traveled into the wilderness of northern Minnesota and Canada. We had a great trip. We saw a moose and its calf. We saw a northern saw-whet owl and several deer. Of course we saw lots of loons and eagles. It was a lot of fun to relax and enjoy the outdoors!

Med City Marathon

It was a crazy day. Temperatures began over 70 degrees and crept up from there. At the beginning of the race the race officials gave us a black flag signifying the worse conditions and warned us to drink a lot of water. Sandi and I ran the first block together before I set out to run a personal record. The heat would keep us from even finishing as the officials cancelled the race after 3.5 hours. I had made it to mile 21 and Sandi was around mile 18. They let us walk/run all but a 3 mile loop if we proceeded at our own risk. It was a fun but disappointing day since we had trained for over 4 months to get ready for the day and then we couldn

Spring Time Fun

The weather this time of year can be crazy. Yesterday it was raining, then snowing, then sleeting, then snowing again. It was a wintry mess. Driving around town was difficult. Today it was 52 at noon and the streets were bare again with water running everywhere. In other news, Sandi and I get to help teach at an evangelism rally in Fargo, ND. Finally, after staying in Bemidji for the past month or so we will be traveling the next two weekends. The first one we’re headed down to Brainerd to visit family for my birthday and the following week we will travel to Dawson to see Sandi’s hometown for the first time. It should be fun!

Merry Christmas

It’s that time of year. When the secular world and the spiritual world collide. We’re celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sandi and I are enjoying our first Christmas together. We’ll be visiting both sides of the family as we travel around Minnesota. We recently had a student take some pictures of us for some publicity and I had some fun fixing them up taking snow flakes off our clothing. Merry Christmas!

Russia 2005

We’ll, it has been a little bit too long since I updated the page. A lot has happened since Sandi and I got married. For example, four weeks after our honeymoon we left for Russia and spent a month sharing our lives with 27 Russian students and 10 other Americans. You can find some of the pictures in the gallery.

Fall Fun

There have been a lot of changes this fall in my life. Most of them have been good. I now work full time with InterVarsity. I have been playing basketball on Monday and Friday, but I still can’t seem to shoot real well. I started looking at houses in Duluth. While looking at them has been fun, realizing that I can’t afford them is dissapointing. I guess I continue the renting game for a while longer. In InterVarsity we’ve had a lot of exciting things happen this fall, including a new believer. God has been good.