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Abundance vs Scarcity

We never seem to have enough leaders. I work for an organization that is always graduating the best leaders. That’s right, I work for a campus ministry, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Every year our best leaders graduate and move on to living life. It is how it is supposed to work. But sometimes I wish I could keep them. Forever!  In fact, that’s part of my job now.  I recruit our best student leaders to work with InterVarsity long-term.  We have a constant need for new leaders and it seems to be part of the reason we never seem to have enough leaders.

I recently received an e-mail from a friend who is a recruiter in another mission organization.  In the e-mail my friend’s wrote that it seems as though we are recruiting the same students.  They run summer short-term projects, we run short-term summer projects.  We want long-term workers on the campus, they want long-term workers on the field.  It would seem as though we are in competition!  He asked the question, what can we do? Read more