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I’m too busy, are you?

ClockDoes it ever seem like everyone you talk to is “busy?”  Do you ever catch yourself answering the question, “how are you,” with “busy?”  Why are we so busy?  Is busy good?  Are we trying to impress people by being busy?  Does busyness indicate that we are important people?  Are we trying to avoid people or commitment?  What are we busy doing?  Why do I struggle to get people to commit to an event?  Why do I struggle to get people to commit to leadership?  Why are volunteer organizations always looking for more volunteers?  Why do 20% of the people do 80% of the work?

Yet I am no better in my own life.  I have been thinking about my time commitments.  I guard my time.  I am slow to commit.  I am so good at guarding it that I can justify my lack of commitment.  My excuse: I have a family and I need to spend time with them.  I have even had students tell me that they know I’m busy.  Ugh.  So what is the answer to all of this business? Read more