Reaching the whole campus

A few years the Bemidji State InterVarsity chapter was at the lowest point of involvement in about 20 years. tippmix szelvény We had a small leadership team and my wife and I were newly married. We decided that we would both lead two small groups and at the end of that year we had about forty students involved in the four small groups. Last year we had about 120 students with eight small groups and 37 conversions. God has been moving.

The following year we created our vision for missional communities.  We started organizing our small group ministry around groups of students who had natural affinities with one another.  Many of those groups were dorm based, but a few were departmental based and one was an interest in athletics. gaminator pc game download  By nature the group had a mission.  The mission was to reach the students who were defined by the name of their small group.

We used to organize small groups around books of the Bible or a specific time that people could meet.  Now our students had a mission field.  We also encouraged the groups to think about who would continue the group into the next school year. kínai bukméker meggyilkolása  Students who had a passion to reach a new section of campus were encouraged to start new groups.  We started an athletes group, a nursing group and a music group.

By targeting a section of campus at a time, we can effectively reach the whole campus.

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