Using your break for the kingdom

Finals are nearly over.  I remember how relieved I used to feel when the semester finally ended.  I could go home and relax.  It was easy to just shut down everything, including my spiritual discplines. nyerögépes játékok ingyen kockás letöltése   To this day when I reach the end of a milestone event and I am exhausted,  I shut down.  All I want to do is sit around the house and watch tv or surf the internet.  For some reason I think that I will feel rejuvenated.  To my dismay I often find the opposite is true.  I lose all discipline.

What does the Bible say?

Provers 13:4 says, “The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.”

I have found that true in my own life.  When I am diligently working on something that has kingdom value I am satisfied. tippmix tippek százalékos   Sometimes it means I am playing with my daughter or holding my son in my arms.  Sometimes it is read the Bible or a good book. gaminator ingyen kredit   Sometimes it is a great conversation with my wife or a friend.  It rarely includes sitting in front of my computer or television wasting time.

Choose to do something meaningful this Christmas break.  Study a whole book of the Bible, or read a good book sitting on your shelf.  Engage in a spiritual conversation with a friend.  Whatever you do, don’t be a sluggard.  Do something for the kingdom of God!

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