Grandmas Marathon, the completion.

“My first marathon was a ton of fun! legjobb online fogadóiroda I joined the 3:30 pace team at the beginning of the race and ran with them to the half marathon marker. At that point I decided I was feeling good and I wanted to run under 3:30 so I started to pull away. I began by picking people off one by one, passing them methodically through mile 18. gaminator code At mile 18 I knew I was within range of running a 3:20 because I had passed several members of the 3:20 pace team. Unfortunately I also knew I was getting tired, but I thought I could hang on and just keep going. I tucked in behind a guy and ran with him for a mile. At mile 19 I started to feel the tiredness coming on and I decided to walk through the water station. I picked it up and ran the next mile to 20 and was at my target pace of 8 minutes per mile. With 10k to go (or 6.2 miles) my body started to shutdown. my feet were starting to kill me and my legs weren’t functioning like my mind wanted them to anymore. From that point on in it became a mental game for me, continually convincing myself that I could keep running. tippmix még fogadható események In mile 22, I was passed by the 3:30 pace team and I knew that I wasn’t going to finish under 3:30, but I kept on going. Finally, with about 1.5 miles left I looked down at my watch and it said 3:30 at that point I knew I was going to finish under my secondary goal of 4 hours and I began to shuffle run the rest of the way in… finishing in 3:42:41, not bad! Almost exactly Half way in between my “”super-goal”” of 3:30 and my I want to make sure I run it faster than 4 hours. What a fun day!”

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